Others say…

I love your eye, Chris; your framing, your sense of balance, of composition, of color, of texture – you rule, dude! – Duncan Brown

Hallo das Bild ist Wunderbar und so Genial und der Hammer – Gaby Clement

I swear your minimalist eye and talented eye for composition blows me away – Adrienne Parks

Absolutely brilliant images. The clarity, detail, and composition is so good! I love every image. (I love architectural ‘abstracts’ anyway, and these are outstanding.) – Laura Finkelstein

Me encanta la composición, los espacios tan definidos que hay, los colores, como líneas nacen desde las esquinas opuestas. Se nota que hay un gran trabajo detrás de la imagen – Mendo de Mendoza

Easily the best, most underrated photographer in the whole platform. What a joy and inspiration – Alex Alex

The photographic works of Chris testify how the simple compositions can be really effective in drawing viewers’ attention instantly. Mostly using the architectural elements and most of all, having an observant eye for the same, is what makes his images so artful. – Pankaj Anand

Chris Fraikin has achieved a “signature” in his work. All the photos I’ve seen by him contain an exquisite taste for color combination, flawless alignment and eye catching composition. I believe, this is the accent of a photographer who has arrived to a level of expression, that goes beyond the ordinary. – Jose E. Molina

Where do you live? In minimalist city, USA? Every day you have a new minimalist masterpiece. Unbelievable. – Adam Michels

You’re a very superb photographer. You know that? – Joey Scotty

Anyone interested in architectural minimalism can learn a lot about framing from studying Chris’ photos. They’re always meticulously rendered. – Alan Oslund

I love his work, I find his mastery of visual geometry in everyday architecture impressive. – José Antonio Hernández

I can recognise your pics even without seeing your name… you find perfect beauty and symmetry in most unglamorous things/places… – Shobhamani Tripathi

Wow! Just when I thought I knew who the best minimalists are, I come across this guy! Definitely in that very, very thin layer at the very, very top. – Al Jackson